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Benzoholic Fever’s new url!

I don’t know if anyone noticed but we have a BRAND NEW url! Now you can find your best source for Ashley Benson at Don’t worry! Our new url will take you directly to the new one. More updates coming hopefully soon! Belle

Adoring Benzo is now Benzoholic Fever!

Welcome to the completely updated gallery & most high quality source for Ashley Benson online. I thought it was time for a change to feel like we’re starting from scratch because building up the gallery felt just like it. I know it might not look like much of a change – the name is a

Offline Gallery + Updates Coming Soon!

Hi everyone! I just wanted to apologize for the gallery being offline, I’ve been working on “fixing” our gallery and that has been super complicated & tedious because I have to check almost image by image to bring you guys the most incredible and high quality pictures as possible. I know it’s been a while

We Are Moving!

Adoring Benzo is moving to a new host so we might experience some downtime but I’m working super hard to move to a better place! We will have no more pop-ups, so a better experience! Stay tuned, it’ll be great! Meanwhile, I will wait to post the screencaptures for PLL & the reviews until we

Adoring Benzo’s New Look!

Pretty in pink is the best definition for Adoring Benzo’s new look! I decided to use Ashley’s Find Your California shoot more like what was released so far. It’s amazing and a complete new look, I hope you guys love it as much as I did. The theme was made by my amazing friend Gemma.

Welcome to Adoring Benzo!

I am super excited to finally have Adoring Benzo online, I love Ashley and she is one of my ultimate favorite celebrities and hopefully I’ll make her justice. Our lovely and amazing first version is made by Gemma and I am in love! Our gallery is still a work in progress, I’ll be adding updates