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[Gallery Update] Elvis & Nixon Screen Captures

I’ve just added the screen captures for Ashley’s appearance on the 2016 movie “Elvis & Nixon” as Margaret. It was a brief appearance but she still did great! Check out these screen captures on our gallery using the link below. Movie Productions > 2016 > Elvis & Nixon > Screen Captures

Lilac (Short) Movie Stills

I just added stills from Ashley’s new short movie production called Lilac on our gallery. Check it out using the gallery link below! x007 Movie Productions > 2016 > Lilac (Short) > Film Stills

[Gallery Update] Elvis & Nixon Stills

I just did an gallery update, two high quality stills from the new movie Elvis & Nixon where Ashley portraits Margaret can be found on our gallery. Down below you can find the links to the pictures! Movie Productions > 2016 > Elvis & Nixon > Stills