Pretty Little Liars ‘7×13 Hold Your Piece’ Review

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Warning! I may have given away too much spoiler writing this review, so be aware!

So many things happened during this episode so I want to start with: wow. I needed to breath and take in a lot of things that happened. I just want to say two things before really starting the review: Haleb RULES.

Man where do I even start? this was such a good episode, even though we didn’t get any big answers it was pretty much amazing! The episode was almost centered at Hanna because it was her turn to play the game board so we got to see a lot, I mean it, a LOT of Hanna and Caleb!

I just want to hug Aria and never let go, she was such a bad ass in this episode! I was so happy she and Emily pretty much confronted Sydney “what’s her face” (I seriously don’t remember her last name). Funny thing, I almost forgot that Sydney existed, and since Marlene told us that we’ll cry when we discover who A.D. is, I’m pretty sure it’s not Sydney because why would we cry for her?

I honestly loved this episode, it make me stay on my tiptoes all the time, the scene where A.D. leaves a really weird doll with Hanna’s facial features was sooo creepy, but I’m glad that happened because now Caleb knows about the game. It was about time one of the boys knew, and if someone can help them is definitely Caleb.

Oh the Haleb moments! There were so many, I almost couldn’t deal with all the cuteness. But one thing for sure made me jump, when Caleb inhaled that poisonous gas that A.D. planted on the game my heart totally stopped. And how can A.D. be so smart?? it just makes me want to know who he/she is already. And how they can keep track of so many things at once!

I was here debating whether I should add one of the saddest moments of the episode was, so I decided not to. But just prepare yourselves, it’s amazing! At least the writers got ONE thing right (well after Haleb being together again). Now we wait!

Honestly I can’t write anything more because there would be so many spoilers it’s insane! So GO watch it! and hopefully during the week I’ll update the gallery with the episode stills & screencaptures.