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The Review

Warning! I may have given away too much spoiler writing this review, so be aware!

OMG Hanna is SUCH A BAD ASS. This episode made me actually REALLY happy but REALLY frustrated at the same time. We had so many great answers, and thankfully Aria in bed with Jason was only a flashback! Yes I had to put it out there, it was just a huge relief!

As we saw on the end of the last episode Hanna went out to get revenge on Noel. The girls only NOW believe that he is the one behind all this. Only just now! I wouldn’t blame Hanna for wanting to go out and get justice. Unfortunately, she could get help from the girls but they wouldn’t believe her until now.

Remember Archer and the person that made the police think that Archer is still alive? Well, supposedly this person made a track for him that made him go all the way to France. Which means that this is all in the hands of the French Police! Maybe we won’t hear about this person for a very long time… Luckily now Marco (that hottie that Spencer hooked up after fighting with Toby) finally asked her out and what she said? No. C’mon Spence! You deserve happiness.

Noel is screwing everything up for the girls, Emily seems distance from Sabrina after she freaked out because Noel made an order for a red velvet cake. I honestly don’t think that’s a big deal to be honest but Emily thought it was and totally freaked out. She says she wants to protect Sabrina, so my guess would be: break up with her. Unfortunately no relationship in PLL is safe with A, Charlotte, A.D. or whoever is bullying them.

Aria’s flashbacks to her relationship with Jason made me a little bit confuse and weird. Because from their conversations she got together with him when she “just graduated” but at the same time she told him she hadn’t talk to Ezra “in years”. But they left it blank to when they got together: was it when she was in college? Well, clearly it didn’t work out because Aria always loved Ezra. And faith was lucky enough to let her work for the publisher that works with Ezra’s books.

Enough with Jason & Aria together as a couple! In this episode Aria tells Jason about Mary’s other child. So they both go to the Courthouse to find more about the adoption of Mary’s other child. And guess what? the files were blacked out. The important data is gone forever but they left the judges name and guess which judge handled this case? Noel’s father. My theory is that Noel IS Mary’s second child.

Meanwhile, Hanna tracks down Noel and finds out that he trashed Sara’s cellphone. She recovers it and asks him to meet her at a bar. Naive Hanna thought that putting something in his drink would knock him out, but honestly, who would drink something from someone that hates them? Noel is smart, I’ll give him that. He also managed to steal the cellphone from her.

Can we just take a minute to talk about how Emily and Paige are SO GOOD together? Sabrina is a nice person but Paige always had Em’s back, Paige has been back for a few days Emily already told her about A.D. Well, not everything but she told her: “it’s happening again”. Hopefully we will see more of the two of them together in the future!

Spencer manages to get Noel’s address and she goes there with Emily. The two of them find a very important pen-drive that had footage of the girls in the dollhouse. And Noel appeared on the footage! If they turned this in to the police Noel would be arrested.

A storm hits the city and the whole city ends up with no electrical power. Well you would think that the girls would save the pen-drive in a safe place right? And save a backup somewhere right? Nope. That’s the frustrating part: THEY DIDN’T. And of course someone stole it. FROM SPENCER’S COMPUTER. WHY, I mean.. HONESTLY! The liars could be a little bit more cautious right? But we finally get AMAZING news (OK maybe not amazing but great): Nicole wasn’t rescue. It is selfish because Ezra will be heart broken again but this is certainly easier for Aria. And let’s be honest: for everyone.

This episode ends with an amazing thing: Hanna being more smart than Noel and hitting him in the neck, making him unconscious. I honestly can’t wait for the next episode to air, I’m sure this summer finale will be AMAZING.


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