7×08 Exes and OMGs Screencaptures + Review

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Before we begin I wanted to say I am really sorry this post is late! When this episode aired I was actually on a plane going back home so I wasn’t able to watch it until yesterday. Hopefully this will never happen again!

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The Review

Warning! I may have given away too much spoiler writing this review, so be aware!

Can’t I just start with how mean the writers were with us? They almost gave us a heart attack! Caleb being ran over in the promo was shocking enough, and starting the episode with it was so mean. Luckily this was only a dream! A extremely weird one, and poor Hanna, hasn’t she been through enough already? At least we had a really cute Haleb moment, it was definitely a way to give back to us fans (I hope).

This episode focused on Noel and his weird appearance in Rosewood, and Hanna is almost sure that he is the one behind everything. Therefore, from what I picked up, Hanna also thinks Noel can be Charlotte’s brother. Not only that, but this episode also talks a lot about Ezria and the Nicole thing. Aria’s relationship with Ezra is in a really bad shape in the beginning of the episode. Since she told him that she lied to him and deleted Nicole’s fault.

Ezra was mad, but I am sure that he would probably do the same thing if he was in Aria’s place. In the end, Aria used the money they were going to spend on a trip to Italy to elope and got him tickets to Columbia so he can go and see if Nicole is still alive!

Ali is back at teaching at Rosewood High, and of course the students had to pull a prank on her. Poor Ali, that was awful of them, she was a bitch in high school but she never deserved to be treated so bad after what that Archer/Rollins did to her. Imagine if Emily gets the coaching job for the swimming team? And another ex comes into picture in this episode: Paige. I loved Paige and how good she made Emily so when they broke up I was definitely sad.

Aria and Spencer went looking for this mysterious doctor Noel had a connection with and they ended this guy’s daughter. She wasn’t crazy about helping them, however, Noel or A.D. wrecked her office and she gave them the address to her dad. And what a creepy dude! I honestly think this doctor wasn’t any help at all since he didn’t even know the sex of Mary’s second child. He was a lost cause to finding who A.D. is!

And one of the weirdest things that happened in this episode was the return of Mrs Grunwald returns! Apparently she had a bad dream about Hanna and Caleb. She claimed she sensed a darkness around them both. While talking to Mrs Grunwald Hanna tells her that she is completely sure that Noel is behind everything. Grunwald tells Hanna that the source of her darkness is very VERY close and guess who was behind Hanna at that moment? You guessed it! Noel. And what does Hanna do to get his attention? Drops a glass of course. What was incredibly weird was that Mrs Grunwald had a vision of Hanna’s torture while touching her hand and looking directly at Noel. Could he REALLY be behind all this? Or could he only be a puppet of the master mind?

After her meeting with Grunwald, Hanna gets all the girls together to explain why she thinks Noel is behind all this and once more they don’t believe her and ask for more proof. Again, poor Hanna, I really don’t see why the girls wouldn’t believe in her! Everything does points to Noel but they want more proof? Ali decides to break in Rosewood High’s principal office to get Noel’s file, and it had a note: “I warned you bitches. Do you really want to end up dead?”.

Which lead to the big mystery of this episode: Hanna’s mysterious phone call! The next day she visited Caleb to tell him she is going away to NY for some business, and we had the cutest Haleb moment ever! All that was left was a kiss. Exes and OMGs ended with a twist: Hanna in a dark place covering the windows, what could she possibly be planning? I can’t wait for next week’s episode!


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