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Warning! I may have given away too much spoiler writing this review, so be aware!

I find very interesting that the people that died in PLL hardly ever stays dead. When will this show stop bringing people dead to life? And there are SO MANY twists is so hard to keep up! However, we have to love PLL because it always has something to add to the plot. Original G’A’ngsters was a very interesting episode, I personally thought we would only be focusing on Jason’s return, but we actually ended up discovering a bunch of new things.

In my personal opinion, I am still not sure about Mary Drake and her whole story. Sometimes I just stay here thinking she might be inocent, but sometimes I have a lot of doubts. And can we talk just a bit about Jason’s long hair & beard? This was a look I wasn’t expecting from him, but it suits him well. I just loved how Jason is all “this is my proprety get the hell out” to Mary! Alison is a girl that lacks family love and attention so her relationship with Mary wouldn’t be different in my opinion.

Relationships updates (maybe my favorite part): Toby & Yvonne are still happy and strong. Spencer is completely heartbroken, Hanna and Caleb TOTALLY had a moment. I strongly wished they would just give up and stay together again! Ezra and Aria… oh Aria! Poor Aria can’t just have a break! [HUGE SPOILER AHEAD] Remember that Nicole call? Guess what, the FBI thinks she’s alive. And I know that Ezra will eventually find out about that call that she deleted, and the shit will hit the fan (sorry but was the PERFECT sentence to use).

[HUGE SPOILERS AHEAD] One thing that I really liked about this episode was that we were REALLY close to finding out who A.D. is! Ali’s aunt had a storm shelter that she used as a lair to find Ali! And because the liars were close to finding out A.D.s identity, he/she got really pissed and blew literally everything. And I am still here sitting on my chair wondering why A.D. would burn Noel’s files! And huge plot twist: Mary had another child! So A.D. must be this child, and just like Hanna said: “Great, another one of your cousins trying to kill us.” What’s up with the DiLaurentis family?

And Noel… so handsome but so not trust worthy! He broke in Toby’s home and hurt Yvonne really bad just to steal Mary’s files, and I wonder why. Maybe Noel is A.D. but I personally don’t think the writers would give us A.D.s identity this easily, so it must be someone close to him.

Overall this was a very interesting episode, I really liked it! [BIG SPOILER AHEAD] Oh and did I mention that Aria and Jason were a thing once? Yes, this actually. My final thoughts on this episode still are: who on earth killed Charlotte?!


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