7×06 Wanted: Dead or Alive Review + Screencaptures & Stills

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The Review

Warning! I may have given away too much spoiler writing this review, so be aware!

WOW. First of all, this episode gave me chills. I know, some may even say it was boring, however, I am honestly happy about this one. My original PLL theory didn’t really happen, however, in this episode I think we now know the reason why Noel came back. Wanted: Dead or Alive started off with Ali being pissed at the girls, which was predictable since A.D. gave them away, but I still can’t believe how pissed off she was. Unnecessary to be honest, I think she would definitely do the same thing with Hanna if it was the other way around.

But besides that, we finally know how Jenna knew Rollins & his actual name. Even though I don’t believe her for a bit! I mean, this is Jenna we are talking about. Sometimes that completely blew me off on this episode is how the liars always seem to get trapped into A.D.s traps! BIG EPISODE SPOILER ALERT: When they buried Elliot they should never go back there, but OF COURSE THEY HAD TO GO BACK. This entire episode is centered on is Elliot alive or not, and I know they would really want to know if he’s definitely dead or not. But honestly, if he wasn’t after the accident he would be because they buried him deep enough for him not being able to get out on his own! And of course A.D. followed them and got the exact location & a video tape of them digging up his grave.

I understand they can’t involve the cops on every situation but they should try every once in a while! And of course is even more complicated because Spencer made out with the most important man on Elliot’s investigation. This is so PLL! And speaking of Spencer, [SPOILER ALERT] her relationship with Caleb is definitely done for good. And I’m honestly really happy! And for once, [SPOILER ALERT]Ezria fans, BE HAPPY!

Screencaptures and Stills

I just added the screencaptures & stills from this amazing episode on our gallery! You can check them out using the gallery links provided below.