7×02 Bedlam Review + Screencaptures

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The second episode of Pretty Little Liars, called Bedlam was full of surprises. This episode gave us an answer for the question: is Elliot working with Mary Drake or not? It was obvious on the last episode but not obvious at the same time. So I’m glad we finally were able to clear some confusions. My big question for this episode was: what will happen to Spencer and Caleb? Being a HUGE Haleb fan I really want this couple to come back. The last episode of season 6 made me super happy. However on this episode we were left with an apparently broken hearted Spencer and a Caleb that talks about this relationship (Caleb+Spencer) in the past tense. Yeah, this happens and honestly I am super happy!

There’s one more thing that makes me believe Haleb will come back, but I won’t tell much. *coughs* it’s about Hanna and Jordan *coughs*. This episode also focus on Alison and her condition at the hospital, she looks awful and Elliot just seems like a heart-less man on this episode. Speaking about Ali, unfortunately she is suffering a lot on this episode. However, from the looks of it her situation is only going to get worst.


In addition, down below I have the gallery link that will lead you to the HD screencaptures of this episode! As for the pictures, they are amazing and I hope you enjoy them. Nonetheless please check them out now!