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Ashley was spotted today enjoying the extended holiday by going out with friends in a Yacht in Miami, Florida. You can find the candid photos on our gallery using the gallery link below!

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Ashley was spotted out and about in Los Angeles and we have some candid photos of her on our gallery! You can find them using the gallery link down below!

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Ashley attended the GQ Celebrates The 10th Annual Love Sex and Madness Issue in Los Angeles, CA with her boyfriend yesterday. We found some pictures of this event and we added them to our gallery. We could also find a photoshoot for this same event! Don’t forget to check them out using the gallery link below.

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The second episode of Pretty Little Liars, called Bedlam was full of surprises. This episode gave us an answer for the question: is Elliot working with Mary Drake or not? It was obvious on the last episode but not obvious at the same time. So I’m glad we finally were able to clear some confusions. My big question for this episode was: what will happen to Spencer and Caleb? Being a HUGE Haleb fan I really want this couple to come back. The last episode of season 6 made me super happy. However on this episode we were left with an apparently broken hearted Spencer and a Caleb that talks about this relationship (Caleb+Spencer) in the past tense. Yeah, this happens and honestly I am super happy!

There’s one more thing that makes me believe Haleb will come back, but I won’t tell much. *coughs* it’s about Hanna and Jordan *coughs*. This episode also focus on Alison and her condition at the hospital, she looks awful and Elliot just seems like a heart-less man on this episode. Speaking about Ali, unfortunately she is suffering a lot on this episode. However, from the looks of it her situation is only going to get worst.


In addition, down below I have the gallery link that will lead you to the HD screencaptures of this episode! As for the pictures, they are amazing and I hope you enjoy them. Nonetheless please check them out now!

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Ashley were on ‘The Tonight Show‘ with Jimmy Fallon last Thursday. I just added a few pictures of her. She looked amazing as always! I couldn’t find a YouTube video with the interview. However, hopefully I’ll find it! Check out the pictures I added to our gallery, using the link down below.

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Hanna may have been kidnapped, but it’s really Alison who’s in the worst predicament on Pretty Little Liars.

By the end of the Season 7 premiere, the Liars told Hanna’s kidnapper, A.D., that Alison was Charlotte’s real killer and her husband Elliott drugged Alison for her alleged crime. The original Liar is in a lot of trouble, but her journey back into her friends’ good graces will be a major part of the upcoming season. They’ll need her if they really want to best A.D.

[Alison] had a lot of really problematic relationships with all of the Liars,” executive producer Charlie Craig tells TVGuide.com. “She caused them all a lot of grief in their own way. When they look around the table at the group that they hang out with, she’s probably still the person they would be least prompted to believe.

The Liars, Elliott and Mary Drake are all willing to throw Alison under the bus for her alleged crime. They have legitimate reasons for distrusting Alison, meaning she faces the nearly impossible task of proving to them that she’s a trusted member of the circle–and diverting her husband and aunt’s attention to the truly guilty party.

[Alison’s redemption] is part of the thrust of the rest of the season, especially the first part,” Craig says. “The goal of Alison winning their trust will play a huge part in the first ten episodes of the season.

Are the girls ready to truly embrace Alison? Remember that the Liars were only able to figure out who the original A was when they all, including Alison, worked together to figure it out. As long as the girls continue to distrust each other they’ll incessantly point fingers at each other instead of figuring out who is really torturing them.

The Liars need to realize that the five years between when they found out Charlotte was A and the present day allowed everyone to change, including Alison. They need to look at what’s in front of them instead of relying on old patterns to get them through this new dilemma.

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The first episode of the final season of Pretty Little Liars was INCREDIBLE. The whole episode is centered in saving Hanna, which was clear from the end of season 6 that the new PLL episode would be centering around saving Hanna from A.D. This episode delivered a lot, and I won’t say we got answers but the Liars and the guys did help Hanna. On this episode you will learn a bit about Mrs D. twin sister (or it could all be a lie, I mean it’s PLL) and why she left Rosewood. Overall, I think this was a great start for this season!

Now for the screencaptures. I added all the screencaptures from Ashley on this new episode of Pretty Little Liars to our gallery, which you can find down below.

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Are you ready for the final season? Pretty Little Liars season 7 premieres today June 21st! So, let’s do a warm up before watching the first episode?

THIS POST MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS! Read at your own risk!

1. It’s time to #SaveHanna:

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Season 6 ended with the plan to use Hanna (Ashley Benson) as bait to catch Uber-A failing and Hanna ending up in the arms of the enemy. The first Season 7 trailer revealed that Hanna Marin is still alive — but the Liars have only 24 hours to figure out where she is if they want to keep her that way.


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Uber-A is now A.D.: We know that two different people — or groups of people — are after the Liars. There are the texting stalkers who think the Liars killed Charlotte (Vanessa Ray) and the person/people who really committed the murder. On top of that, the big bad has also renamed themselves “A.D” instead of “Uber-A.”

We also know that Jessica DiLaurentis’ twin sister Mary Drake (Andrea Parker) and Alison’s (Sasha Pieterse) husband Elliott Rollins (Huw Collins) are the prime people of interest for the Liars. “It may be Mary. It may be Elliott. It may be Mary and Elliott. They become very high on the suspect list for the PLL’s when we start the season,” King teases.


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Alison is also in danger: Hanna wasn’t the only one in big danger at the close of last season. The last time we saw Alison she was admitting herself into a mental hospital in hopes of making the visions of her dead mother (which were actually Mary Drake pretending to be Jessica) go away. Sanitariums on Pretty Little Liars have a history of not being the places of healing you’d hope they’d be.

“A primary focus is Alison. The last we saw her she was checking into Welby Sanitarium,” King affirms. “[And] her creepy husband Dr. Rollins is actually a British guy who is friends with Mary Drake.” Alison cannot catch a break.


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Season 7 is the most “romantic” season ever: ‘Shippers, this is the season you’ve been waiting for. Both the cast and King promise that this season will see the Liars commit to their soulmates. The question is, who will those soulmates be? There are a lot of love triangles that need to be resolved by the season’s end, which means some there are celebratory reunions in store and some heartbreak to go around.

“There’s been so much murder, mystery and mayhem the last couple seasons of PLL. The [Liars] literally make a pact early on in this season to put their friendship, family and loves ahead of the murder mystery and mayhem,” King says. “They are making a conscious effort to return to normal with their romantic lives. It’s also a season of big romantic reunions. It’s going to be a lot of fun to watch.”


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It’s reunion time: There are a lot of familiar faces heading back to Rosewood this season, including Jenna Marshall (Tammin Sursok), Noel Kahn (Brant Daugherty) and Paige McCullers (Lindsey Shaw). They’ll be coming back to town for various reasons and to fill in flashbacks from the five years between Charlotte revealing herself as A and her murder.

“We’re going to see a lot of familiar faces. A lot of characters from past seasons that you haven’t seen in a while are coming back,” Lucy Hale explains. “It’s nice to see some old faces, not necessarily good faces, but they rile the girls up again and get them asking more questions. It gets even more confusing.”


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There are two major reveals coming in Season 7:There are two big reveals to come in Season 7 — including who is A.D. At least one of those jaw dropping answers will be coming before the end of the summer.

“We tell story really quickly. We told story very quickly in the first two seasons and this season reminds me of those,” King says. “It’s less questions and more answers, more reveals.”

Pretty Little Liars actress Janel Parrish adds that Mona will definitely be after A.D. this season. “Mona’s biggest fear at this point is finding out who [A.D] is and what they want with her and her friends,” she says. “That we will find out at the end of the season.”


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Gallery Update! I just added eighteen extra pictures on the MuchMusic Video Awards Pictures red carpet and two pictures of Ashley presenting an award with Camila Cabello from Fifth Harmony, Shawn Mendes and Tyrone Edwards. You can find the pictures using our gallery link provided down below.